I first read Madeleine L’Engle when I was an actual young adult (ok, fine more like a tween). A Wrinkle in Time was our assignment for 7th grade summer reading. And I liked it, then I continued to read the series, but quickly lost interest. Honestly, 12 year old me was more excited about Caroline B. Cooney’s The Face on the Milk Carton which had kidnappings, cute neighbors and lots of drama (Sidenote: Her book Driver’s Ed taught me to NEVER STEAL A STOP SIGN…people die). 

And while Meg Murry and Calvin O’Keefe were awesome, I was kind of thrown off by all the science fiction and gave up as soon as I found out that Meg and Calvin weren’t even the protagonists of all the books. I had this weird thing back then where I grew attached to characters I couldn’t understand why you would ever read about anyone else. I didn’t care about the adventures of Poly O’Keefe, I wanted to know about her parents Meg and Calvin!

Then Disney Channel made an original movie of another L’Engle book A Ring of Endless Light. The movie, which I usually pretend doesn’t exist because Mischa Barton played Vicky Austin, and Vicky Austin is way too awesome to ever have anything to do with Mischa Barton, introduced to L’Engle’s other family…The Austins. But, let’s be real, the real reason I loved A Ring of Endless Light was Adam Eddington. I read the book, I loved it. It had dolphins, it had Adam. I WAS SOLD. 

Then I sort of moved on. Although Adam was always in on my list of boyfriends, I never bothered to read the other two books he was in. The Arm of the Starfish, which I JUST READ, in which he gets to hang out with the O’Keefe’s and swim with dolphins. And Troubling a Star…which I haven’t read yet, but it seems like Adam finds himself in ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL CRISIS. Who knew being a marine biologist was that exciting? Also Vicky is in that one.

I love Adam Eddington. And Vicky Austin. And since Madeleine never gave us a straight answer I’m just going to assume that they got married and lived happily ever after. I was so concerned about the future of Vicky and Adam that I even wrote Madeleine an e-mail (at the time she was like 80 and I’m sure her lovely assistant answered it). 

 BUT GUYS, since this was before I did all my reading through the OCDness of Gloriana (my cousin), I’ve kind of realized that I was a terrible reader. I don’t know why I didn’t just devour all these books! So now I want to actually go back re-read a Wrinkle in Time and then finish that series and then actually read all the Austin books. I will re-read A ring of endless light, but might skip The Moon by Night, since I’m not sure how much Zachary Gray I can stand (He is the MLD that NEVER LEARNS). 

And I’m not sure what the purpose of this blog was except to say…Adam Eddington is lovely. 

PS Gloriana would have a headache figuring out the timelines of the two series (Kairos and Chronos) because it HONESTLY MAKES NO SENSE. They have characters that appear in both (Adam! Zach!), but the Kairos time is kind of wonky (yeahy science fiction) and there are lots of inconsistencies. Also she didn’t PUBLISH them chronologically (and was kind of publishing both series at the same time). SO…Like don’t bother.